Friday, December 18, 2009

Nine Lessons and Carols at St. Bernard

St. Bernard Musicians and Choir did an outstanding job during the Christmas celebration of Nine Lessons and Carols in the Abbey Church on Sunday, December 13. Before the service the SAINTS, the combined Middle and High School band, under the direction of Lester Harris performed a “Rockin’ Christmas” in the Brahma Room and enjoyed home made refreshments provided by parents and staff at St. Bernard.

Following the performance, the crowd gathered in the Abbey Church to participate in the Nine Lessons and Carols program. Alumni and families enjoyed the festivities of the evening with the students participation along with the monks at St. Bernard Abbey. The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is a service celebrating Christmas by focusing on nine readings from Scripture, beginning with the Fall of Man at creation, then continuing through the prophets who tell of the coming Messiah, then concludes with the proclamation of his birth.

Fr. Joel Martin said, “Dr. Whited and the students did an outstanding job. Everyone enjoyed the festivities of the evening and got the chance to focus on why we really celebrate Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SBP Swimmers participate at AHSAA Swim Meet

SBP swimmers Louis YuTiamco and Bennett Glasscock recently made their first appearance in the AHSAA State Swim Meet at the Auburn University Aquatic Facility. Swim Coach, Carson Glasscock said their showing at the state level was incredible. “I am very proud of Louis and Bennett for their hard work and dedication to the sport.” Both young men made super fast qualifying times, in two events (which is the maximum for individual events).

In the individual events, Yu Tiamco finished 22nd/time 101.16 in 100 yd. Butterfly; and 27th with a time of 1.10.54 minutes in the 100 yd. Breaststroke. Glasscock finished 26th/time 101.71 in 100 yd. Butterfly; and 32nd with a time of 1:02.98 minutes in 100 yd. backstroke.

There are no classifications in swimming. It is all based on qualifying times. However, YuTiamco and Bennett have participated in swim meets on community teams for several years. YuTiamco of Boaz and Glasscock of Cullman have trained this fall with the Cullman Swim Association to prepare for the state meet at the newly constructed Wellness and Aquatic Center in Cullman. CSA is a USA Swimming registered team. Coach Glasscock said to qualify for state competition, the high school swimmers had to make the AHSAA qualifing times at USA swimming sanctioned meets.

Entering into this competition, Glasscock said he knew his novice team would be facing the best in the state with very seasoned teams of athletes. “It’s a process and in a couple of years SBP can be competing with the best.”

All eligible St. Bernard students, both male and female may participate. “Hopefully next year we will add more students who have swimming experience to our team,” Glasscock commented. “Our goal this year was to get SBP swimmers qualified for the meet. Next year we should be even more competitive and hopefully have enough for a relay (requires 4 swimmers). Relays have no qualifying times just individual events.

On behalf of the swim team, Coach Glasscock said,” We thank Fr. Marcus Voss, Fr. Joel Martin, and Coach James Tolbert for the opportunity to represent St. Bernard Prep. Swimming is a lifetime sport, and can be enjoyed at any level.”

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

St. Bernard Middle School assist Angel Tree Ministry

St. Bernard Prep Middle School recently held an Auburn/Alabama Penny Drop to raise $200 for The Angel Tree Ministry Program at Sacred Heart Church in Cullman. Pictured are Mr. John Tekulve, Assistant Headmaster, Brittany Branch, Anna Keefe-Student Council Representative; Mackenzie Bockhold, Student Council, President; Leah Messick, Sacred Heart Church; and Sam Michelfelder.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

St. Bernard wrestling program off to great start

St. Bernard Preparatory School has added boys wrestling to the sports program that it offers to its students. The fledgling program is coached by Marcus Luna, a native of Oneonta, AL. He wrestled competitively for six years and has continued his interest in the sport as a coach. He has particularly enjoyed training his 12 year old son who is developing his skills in the sport.

“Wrestling is an individual sport requiring dedication, heart, character and courage,” said Coach Luna. “In this sport there are basically two types of people – starters and finishers. The starters may be enthusiastic in the beginning but they never reach their desired levels. Finishers are those who work hard and accomplish their goals one at a time.” Coach Luna went on to say, “ Anyone participating in wrestling learns many life lessons while building confidence and character. Wrestling teaches self-reliance and self-confidence. It requires the athlete to set positive goals and not make excuses for failure.”

St. Bernard has six wrestlers who are currently in competition. “Once eligibility requirements have been met, other members plan to join the team,” said Coach Luna. “Since this is our first year, the students at St. Bernard have had very limited experience in the sport. Wrestling is all about learning the techniques of leverage, momentum, and strength. The team members are quick learners and are making solid progress,” he continued. “Wrestling is like playing chess. When your opponent makes a move, you have to know what your next three moves will be in response.”

The team exercises regularly in preparation for matches that are held across the state. “Training for wrestling utilizes running, jump-rope, weight training and other cardio vascular exercises” said Coach Luna. “Good physical conditioning is required for anyone who participates in this sport.”

St. Bernard is competing in five separate classes. Ty Sissom , 103 pounds; Koleman Cranford, 135 pounds; Andy Wood 145 pounds; Jake Lewis, 215 pounds, and Spencer Gutherie and Jade Bradford both heavyweights.

“I am pleased with this new team’s performance,” Coach Luna said. “Overall the wrestlers have done surprisingly well. Jake Lewis has a record of 3-3 and doing very well for a first year wrestler. He is gaining confidence he wins a match and learns from his mistakes when he loses one. Andy Woods has shown the most heart and character and is tenacious. Ty Sissom is 7-0 and is looking for a great showing at the state level. I’m looking forward to working with these students for many years to come.”

The Saints will travel to Sparkman High School on Saturday, December 12 @ 9 a.m. For more information on the wrestling schedule visit the school’s website at and click on “athletics.”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Varquez wins Poetry Out Loud Regional Competition

Congratulations to Caitlin Varquez, a freshman at St. Bernard Prep in Cullman, who won 1st place at the recent Poetry Out Loud Regional Competition in Huntsville, Alabama. Caitlin is set to compete at the State competition in Montgomery on Friday, February 26, 2010. Caitlin is the daughter of Dr.’s Genaro and Mir Varquez of Cullman.