Friday, December 18, 2009

Nine Lessons and Carols at St. Bernard

St. Bernard Musicians and Choir did an outstanding job during the Christmas celebration of Nine Lessons and Carols in the Abbey Church on Sunday, December 13. Before the service the SAINTS, the combined Middle and High School band, under the direction of Lester Harris performed a “Rockin’ Christmas” in the Brahma Room and enjoyed home made refreshments provided by parents and staff at St. Bernard.

Following the performance, the crowd gathered in the Abbey Church to participate in the Nine Lessons and Carols program. Alumni and families enjoyed the festivities of the evening with the students participation along with the monks at St. Bernard Abbey. The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is a service celebrating Christmas by focusing on nine readings from Scripture, beginning with the Fall of Man at creation, then continuing through the prophets who tell of the coming Messiah, then concludes with the proclamation of his birth.

Fr. Joel Martin said, “Dr. Whited and the students did an outstanding job. Everyone enjoyed the festivities of the evening and got the chance to focus on why we really celebrate Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SBP Swimmers participate at AHSAA Swim Meet

SBP swimmers Louis YuTiamco and Bennett Glasscock recently made their first appearance in the AHSAA State Swim Meet at the Auburn University Aquatic Facility. Swim Coach, Carson Glasscock said their showing at the state level was incredible. “I am very proud of Louis and Bennett for their hard work and dedication to the sport.” Both young men made super fast qualifying times, in two events (which is the maximum for individual events).

In the individual events, Yu Tiamco finished 22nd/time 101.16 in 100 yd. Butterfly; and 27th with a time of 1.10.54 minutes in the 100 yd. Breaststroke. Glasscock finished 26th/time 101.71 in 100 yd. Butterfly; and 32nd with a time of 1:02.98 minutes in 100 yd. backstroke.

There are no classifications in swimming. It is all based on qualifying times. However, YuTiamco and Bennett have participated in swim meets on community teams for several years. YuTiamco of Boaz and Glasscock of Cullman have trained this fall with the Cullman Swim Association to prepare for the state meet at the newly constructed Wellness and Aquatic Center in Cullman. CSA is a USA Swimming registered team. Coach Glasscock said to qualify for state competition, the high school swimmers had to make the AHSAA qualifing times at USA swimming sanctioned meets.

Entering into this competition, Glasscock said he knew his novice team would be facing the best in the state with very seasoned teams of athletes. “It’s a process and in a couple of years SBP can be competing with the best.”

All eligible St. Bernard students, both male and female may participate. “Hopefully next year we will add more students who have swimming experience to our team,” Glasscock commented. “Our goal this year was to get SBP swimmers qualified for the meet. Next year we should be even more competitive and hopefully have enough for a relay (requires 4 swimmers). Relays have no qualifying times just individual events.

On behalf of the swim team, Coach Glasscock said,” We thank Fr. Marcus Voss, Fr. Joel Martin, and Coach James Tolbert for the opportunity to represent St. Bernard Prep. Swimming is a lifetime sport, and can be enjoyed at any level.”

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

St. Bernard Middle School assist Angel Tree Ministry

St. Bernard Prep Middle School recently held an Auburn/Alabama Penny Drop to raise $200 for The Angel Tree Ministry Program at Sacred Heart Church in Cullman. Pictured are Mr. John Tekulve, Assistant Headmaster, Brittany Branch, Anna Keefe-Student Council Representative; Mackenzie Bockhold, Student Council, President; Leah Messick, Sacred Heart Church; and Sam Michelfelder.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

St. Bernard wrestling program off to great start

St. Bernard Preparatory School has added boys wrestling to the sports program that it offers to its students. The fledgling program is coached by Marcus Luna, a native of Oneonta, AL. He wrestled competitively for six years and has continued his interest in the sport as a coach. He has particularly enjoyed training his 12 year old son who is developing his skills in the sport.

“Wrestling is an individual sport requiring dedication, heart, character and courage,” said Coach Luna. “In this sport there are basically two types of people – starters and finishers. The starters may be enthusiastic in the beginning but they never reach their desired levels. Finishers are those who work hard and accomplish their goals one at a time.” Coach Luna went on to say, “ Anyone participating in wrestling learns many life lessons while building confidence and character. Wrestling teaches self-reliance and self-confidence. It requires the athlete to set positive goals and not make excuses for failure.”

St. Bernard has six wrestlers who are currently in competition. “Once eligibility requirements have been met, other members plan to join the team,” said Coach Luna. “Since this is our first year, the students at St. Bernard have had very limited experience in the sport. Wrestling is all about learning the techniques of leverage, momentum, and strength. The team members are quick learners and are making solid progress,” he continued. “Wrestling is like playing chess. When your opponent makes a move, you have to know what your next three moves will be in response.”

The team exercises regularly in preparation for matches that are held across the state. “Training for wrestling utilizes running, jump-rope, weight training and other cardio vascular exercises” said Coach Luna. “Good physical conditioning is required for anyone who participates in this sport.”

St. Bernard is competing in five separate classes. Ty Sissom , 103 pounds; Koleman Cranford, 135 pounds; Andy Wood 145 pounds; Jake Lewis, 215 pounds, and Spencer Gutherie and Jade Bradford both heavyweights.

“I am pleased with this new team’s performance,” Coach Luna said. “Overall the wrestlers have done surprisingly well. Jake Lewis has a record of 3-3 and doing very well for a first year wrestler. He is gaining confidence he wins a match and learns from his mistakes when he loses one. Andy Woods has shown the most heart and character and is tenacious. Ty Sissom is 7-0 and is looking for a great showing at the state level. I’m looking forward to working with these students for many years to come.”

The Saints will travel to Sparkman High School on Saturday, December 12 @ 9 a.m. For more information on the wrestling schedule visit the school’s website at and click on “athletics.”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Varquez wins Poetry Out Loud Regional Competition

Congratulations to Caitlin Varquez, a freshman at St. Bernard Prep in Cullman, who won 1st place at the recent Poetry Out Loud Regional Competition in Huntsville, Alabama. Caitlin is set to compete at the State competition in Montgomery on Friday, February 26, 2010. Caitlin is the daughter of Dr.’s Genaro and Mir Varquez of Cullman.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving service at St. Bernard

St. Bernard Prep School's annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service was held recently in the Abbey Church. SBP Headmaster, Fr. Joel Martin, O.S.B. said each year students and staff of the school are given the opportunity to invite clergy representing their various congregations and religious traditions.

The Service was composed of prayers, psalms, scripture readings and hymns that helped those present to be aware of and thank God for His loving care. The visiting clergymen offer the prayers and scripture readings, and students offer thanks and petitions to God as they lay symbols of their lives before the altar.

The sermon was delivered by The Rev. Robert Blackwell, Rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Cullman. Rev. Blackwell spoke to the crowd and stressed the importance of being thankful not only for the good things that have happened in the past but also for the tough times; and to be thankful for things in the future. Blackwell said, “We are people of Thanksgiving - always knowing God’s hand is forever at work in our lives.”

The St. Bernard Choral Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Rebecca Whited took part in the service. The service was followed by a dinner for all guests, students, faculty and staff. The guest clergymen were served by the students.

Fr. Joel said, “This is an opportunity for all of us in the school community to give thanks to God for the many gifts we have received, and to do so along with those pastors, ministers and priests who are so important in the lives of our students. These men and women are very busy, so we are all impressed with and grateful for their taking time to join us.”

Ministers who were present:
The Rev. Robert Blackwell, Grace Episcopal Church, Cullman
The Rev. Mr. Michael Branch, Sacred Heart Church, Cullman
The Rev. Patrick Cullen, St. Aloysius Church, Bessemer
The Rev. Michael Deering, St. Elizabeth Anne Seton Church, Gardendale; St. Henry’s Church, Warrior
The Rev. Dr. Edwin Hayes, First Baptist Church, Cullman
The Rev. Harold Hermetz, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Cullman
The Rev. Andrew Kennedy, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Birmingham
The Rev. Alan C. Mackey, St. Jude’s Church, Scottsboro
The Rev. Mark Parris, First United Methodist Church, Cullman
The Rev. Raymond J. Remke, Annunciation of the Lord Church, Decatur
The Rev. Warren Ruland, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Cullman
Sr. Teresa Walsh, C.S.J., Annunciation of the Lord Church, Decatur

Present from St. Bernard were:
Fr. Marcus Voss, O.S.B.
Fr. Joel Martin, O.S.B.
The Rev. Bede Marcy, O.S.B.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

St. Bernard host Honor Society Induction Ceremony

St. Bernard Preparatory School in Cullman recently inducted five new members into the National Honor Society. Pictured are: Michael Justin Varquez, Mary Catherine Gray, Minji Kang, Heather Johnson and John Russell.

Monday, November 16, 2009

St. Bernard Swim Team Members qualify for State

Congratulations to SBP swimmers Louis Yu Tiamco and Bennett Glasscock, both of whom qualified for the State Meet at Auburn Univ. on Dec. 4 & 5. At competition this past Saturday and Sunday Yu Tiamco qualified in 100 yd. Butterfly and 100 yd. Breaststroke; and Glasscock qualified in 100 yd. Butterfly and 100 yd. backstroke.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Successful Open House

Families from across North Alabama participated in the Fall Open House held recently at St. Bernard Prep School in Cullman. This annual Open House makes it possible for families to learn about the wide variety of academic, athletic and leadership opportunities that are available to students who enroll at St. Bernard.

School President, Fr. Marcus Voss, O.S.B., was among those who welcomed this year’s guests to the campus. “This Open House was one of the largest that we have had in our recent history,” said Fr. Marcus. “Families from the local community were especially interested in our Middle School which offers an expended curriculum as well as a choice of athletics, band, music, art and drama. The strong interest in our Middle School and the growth we are experiencing there has been very positive for our High School as well.”

The Open House welcoming committee consisted of students who are currently enrolled at St. Bernard. They also served as tour guides for the campus. At the conclusion of the day they participated in the question-and-answer session that is a popular feature of the day’s events. Throughout the afternoon, teachers were in their classrooms to discuss the content of their courses and the expectations they have of their students. Headmaster, Fr. Joel Martin, O.S.B. said, “Having students and teachers talk with our visiting families was the best way for them to get to know about St. Bernard. When the students are happy, they make our job easy.”

Part of the growth at St. Bernard has been the addition of a boarding division for middle school students. “St. Bernard Prep has always included a resident program in our high school program,” said Fr. Marcus. “For the 2010-11 academic year, the Board of Directors has voted to expand our boarding school so that we may accept middle school students . Families who meet the criteria for our boarding school division my now enroll students from the 7th to the 12th grades.”

St. Bernard Prep is a co-ed college prep boarding school operated by the Benedictine Monks of St. Bernard Abbey. Anyone interested in knowing more about the school should visit the web at; contact the Admissions Office by phoning (256)739-6682; or email

SBP Saints Cross Country qualifies for state meet

Fourteen students at St. Bernard Prep recently qualified for the state cross country meet during the 1A-3A Section 3 meet at Cold Springs High School. Runners were divided into 1A-3A Races.

Runners qualified two ways. Every athlete from the top three teams in each race qualified, while individual with the best times also reached state. St. Bernard Prep finished third in the boys and girls competition.

Individually, in the girls 1A-2A race, Ayleanna Mami placed third in the competition and was among the top five girl finishers.

St. Bernard’s Will Faulk took fifth in the boys completion to qualify.
Cross Country Coach, Jeff Taylor, is elated at his young team’s performance this year. “We have had a great season, and look forward to the growth of the cross country program,” he said. “Cross Country is an individual as well as team sport that is a lifetime sport.”

The Saints will participate in the state meet on November 14 at Indian Mounds Park in Oakville, AL.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Caitlin Varquez wins Poetry Out Loud Contest

St. Bernard Prep recently held the 2nd Annual Poetry Out Loud Contest at the school. Caitlin Varquez placed first; Jesse Schaffer second; and Michael Varquez, third. Pictured with the students is instructor, Stella Couch. Caitlin will compete at the District 5 Poetry Outloud Competition held at University of Alabama in Huntsville on November 20.

Monday, November 2, 2009

St. Bernard Prep to host Open House

St. Bernard Preparatory School in Cullman will host their annual Fall Open House on Sunday, November 8 beginning at 2 p.m. Interested families will find the afternoon very informational as students, faculty members and the staff at St. Bernard will be on hand to discuss the quality academic program offered by the Benedictine Monks at St. Bernard Abbey.

St. Bernard Prep is a college prep boarding school for grades 7-12. Students of all religious denominations are welcomed to attend. St. Bernard Prep provides a school of diverse learning. Students from the United States and International countries make up the population of the middle and high school community.

“The Middle School and the High School complement one another,” said Fr. Marcus Voss, President. “St. Bernard has a proven program that helps to prepare students for success not only in college but also in their chosen careers. Students who come to St. Bernard have the opportunity to thrive in wonderful school environment.”
Since opening the Middle School three years ago, the enrollment at that level has averaged 36 students per year in grades seven and eight. John Tekulve serves the school as headmaster and is very proud of the accomplishments to date. “We have built a great program with a huge emphasis on creating a well rounded student,” Tekulve said.

St. Bernard Middle School offers a small student-teacher ratio which allows the teachers to give more individualized attention to students especially in the areas of math and English. Students take advantage of a state of the art science lab which exhibits live animals in their native habitats. Exploratory courses include music, drama, band, art and foreign language.

At the high school level, Headmaster, Fr. Joel Martin, O.S.B., says anyone desiring an academic challenge should look into St. Bernard Prep. “Our faculty is made up of monks and lay people, many of whom have many years of experience in the classroom. They challenge each student to do their best, and help them organize their lives to attain good grades in the classroom,” Fr. Joel said.

“We have so many activities available for the students, sometimes it’s a challenge to pick and choose,” Fr. Joel said. “Our students are involved in every aspect of community service, academics and athletics.”

“Our facilities at St. Bernard are very conducive to academic excellence,” he continued. “Our campus stands out from other schools. Our classrooms are large in size, but small in numbers. We have excellent athletic facilities to include soccer, baseball, cross country, football, basketball, and weightlifting,” continued Fr. Joel.“

The public is invited to attend. For more information contact the school at 256-739-6682. Visit the school online at or become a fan on facebook at

Friday, October 30, 2009

Scholars Bowl Team defeats Holly Pond

Congratulations to the St. Bernard Scholars Bowl team on their win yesterday afternoon against Holly Pond High School at Wallace State Community College.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

St. Bernard 5K Run deemed successful

St. Bernard Prep School hosted the first Annual Octoberfest 5K Invitational on October 17, fielding 22 teams and 208 runners. Cold, and dreary rainy weather may have hampered the open race which kicked off with only nine runners.

Longtime local runner, Duane Ricketts finished the 5K course in 19:18.42 in the open race.

St. Bernard Cross Country Coach, Jeff Taylor said for the day to be so cold and wet, we had an outstanding meet. “North Alabama is fortunate to have so many gifted athletes. Overall it went well. We learned a lot, and definitely plan to do this again.”

The 5K open course was hosted on the grounds of St. Bernard Abbey’s Treasure Forest. The race started on the north side of the softball field, and traversed Boniface trail at the North property line of St. Bernard, then travelled Perimeter Road onto Seminary Trail toward Eight-Mile creek and back toward the Fazi-Richard Athletic Center. “Because of the nature of our trail, the athletes find it fun to run,” Taylor said.

The initial scholastic race of the day featured Saralyn Miller leading the Cullman Bearcat Jr. High team to a first place finish in the Girls 2-mile race with a time of 14:20.79 followed by Shayna Cooper of Arab High School, leading her team to a second place finish with a time of 14:57.98; followed by Albertville, led by Jenny Carbajal with a time of 17:06.35.

Arab’s Conner McClendon claimed the title for the JV Boys division with a time of 13:02.38, followed by teammate, Caleb Marshall (13:11.09) and Cullman’s Nick Harbin finished third with a time of 13:28.35. The team competition was won by Arab, followed by Cullman, and Albertville placed third.

The Varsity competition began with Pisgah High School winning the girls 1-3A 5K race. St. Bernard finished second and Belgreen third.

Cullman’s Kelsey Crawford blistered the 5K course in a 19:28.92, leading the way in the Girls Varsity 4-6A race. Scottsboro’s, Maggie Thompson (20:11.92) and Decatur’s, Sally Adams (21:11.10) placed second and third respectively. Scottsboro’s girls won the team competition with 27 points, followed by Cullman (44), Decatur (56), and Austin(97).

The Boys Varsity races began with Pisgah’s Corey Wheeler leading the way over the 5K course with a 19:27.11 time to take medalist honors in Class 1-3A. St. Bernard’s Will Faulk (20:24:19) and John Russell (20:26.59) finished out for second and third place finishes.

Taylor said the 4-6A completion featured several of the state’s elite runners. Lucas Sieb of Scottsboro covered the 5K course in 16:04.83 leading his team to a first place victory. Matthew Dunn of Austin High School finished second with a time of (16:54.14), and Brig Kilgore of Cullman finished third. Cullman finished second in the competition followed by Austin, Arab, Albertville, and Decatur. “This competition was outstanding. “Considering the course conditions, the times for this event were phenomenal,” continued Taylor.

Taylor wishes to thank all parents, students and sponsors for their participation in the invitational run. Taylor humbly said, “We would also like to thank the schools for their participation, The Alabama National Guard for directing traffic, the Cullman Rescue Squad, and the Cullman Track Club for their assistance. We invite everyone to return for the Bloomin’ Festival 5K Run on April 17, 2010.”

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

St. Bernard presents seniors with cross

Twenty-four seniors at St. Bernard Prep School in Cullman were honored recently during a Senior Dedication Mass in the Abbey Church. Abbot Cletus Meagher, Chairman of the Board; Fr. Marcus Voss, President; Fr. Joel Martin, Headmaster; and Fr. Bede Marcy, School Chaplain concelebrated the Mass.

Abbot Cletus defined the meaning of a Senior Dedication Mass. “Senior means elder or wisdom gained through age and life experiences. Dedication means to concentrate or set aside for a noble purpose. Our Mass is a prayer of Thanksgiving and a celebration of the mystery of salvation by God’s generosity,” Abbot Cletus said. “We celebrate with the senior class that they may all share in that which is ours in Christ, dedicated to a divine purpose, and as they dedicate themselves to the principals and beliefs on which St. Bernard was founded.”

Following the homily, the faculty and staff joined the seniors at the altar as a sign of their support and concurrence with the decision of Fr. Joel and the administration that the seniors should with receive a blessing dedicating to roles of leadership in the student body of Senior Class by St. Bernard Preparatory School.

Each senior was recognized individually and presented a Benedictine Cross which symbolized their lives of service not only in the St. Bernard community but in whatever they do “Wear your cross with pride as a reminder of the privilege and dignity that is yours as you share in Christ,” Abbot Cletus said.

The 2010 senior class at St. Bernard Prep accepted their leadership roles. Abbot Cletus concluded the blessing by saying to the class, “You have been blessed with many gifts and talents. Recognize these gifts and be a blessing to others. You stand at the head of those who have gone before you. Strive for the gifts that have lasting value; and dedicate yourselves to seeing things with the eyes of faith. Embrace life with love.”

Dr. Rebecca Whited directed the St. Bernard Choral Music group and served as organist for the ceremony. St. Bernard students Jesse Schaffer, Jonathan Gray, Sean Nowocin, Christopher Presto, and Louis YuTiamco served as Knights of the Altar.

At the conclusion of the service, the Senior Class enjoyed a nice Italian Meal with their parents in the Brahma Room.

Friday, October 2, 2009

SBP Scholars Bowl defeats Fairview

St. Bernard is participating in the Cullman County Schools Scholars Bowl Competition each week at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville. Every school in Cullman county is scheduled a match each week with a different school. Two weeks ago, SBP fell short 20 points in a match with Hanceville; last week no games were scheduled. Yesterday, the team soundly defeated Fairview with a score of 160-110. Leading the Saints was Kate Gauthier,Captain; Elizabeth Schweers, Mark McDaniel, and Nathan Snow.

The Saints are scheduled to play Cullman next Thursday.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saints take first place at Catholic High Invitational

St Bernard Cross Country All-State contender, Will Faulk, led the freshman boys team to the overall title at the Catholic High Invitational, Saturday, Sept. 19. Rain and sloppy weather couldn’t stop Faulk from breaking a new course record with a time of 12:28.80 in the 2-mile course. He was followed by teammate Oscar Perez who had a 13:12.46. Miles Bennett finished 11th; Ethan Arndt (12th); and Madison Pride (17).

“Even with a sloppy course and slower than normal times, the Saints beat defending champion 4A powerhouse Albertville by 2 points,” Saints Coach Jeff Taylor said.

The Jr. High Girls fared well with all runners in the top 10 in their race. They were led by Ayleana Mami (1st), Caitlin Varquez (3rd), Arabella Holsonback (5), and Brittany Branch (10).

The Saints Varsity Boys and Girls teams brought home the first place trophies for Class 1A in their races. The girls struggled with the course and conditions but did well in bringing home the title. Led by newcomer Shiru Diao (29:23.09;50/91 runners), the Saints showed promise as they approach the midpoint of the season. Ria Foye, Ying Huang, Katelyn Rusk, Jiae Park, and Minji Kang represented the school well with grit and determination.

The Varsity Boys team was led by veteran competitor John Russell (36/109) with a time of 22:28.38. Coach Taylor said, “His time was less than a minute slower than his best time for this meet, but the rainy conditions and slippery course made for some disappointment by all the runners.”

However, the mud and rain was worth the pain as Russell, Aaron Ezell, Louis Yutiamco, Michael J. Varquez, Jake Killebrew and Johnathan Gray accepted the 1st place trophy.

The teams compete next Saturday in the Kudzu Hills Invitational at Cold Springs High School. “We are looking forward to this event. This site will host the Section Meet-November 5 to determine which team has the strength to make it to state, Taylor said. “It will give us another chance to become familiar with the trails.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Self defense taught at St. Bernard Prep

Officer Cindy Rohrscheib of the Cullman Police Department finished up a two week course of Self Defense recently with St. Bernard Preparatory School’s girls. Physical Education instructor, Ruth Anne Knight makes the self defense training part of her class time for both middle and high school students. “It’s important for young females to know the fundamentals of how to protect themselves if they ever need it. Officer Rohrscheib has done an excellent job in helping the girls in all aspects of training.”

Students concluded training recently by learning how to get up off the ground from an attacker, and how to handle an attacker who is carrying a weapon. Rohrscheib instructed and demonstrated self defense techniques for the students. “If someone has an edged weapon, the bicycle kick will protect your vital organs,” she said. Rohrscheib taught the basic trap arm, trap foot, bridge and roll. With the assistance of her son, Lance, Rohrscheib demonstrated each technique and had the student’s partner up for hands on training.

Rohrscheib said she has noticed students who have been in the class for the past three years have retained the knowledge and seemed more assertive. “They grabbed the concept and it didn’t take near as long to instruct them as it had previously.”

Chief Kenny Culpepper and Sheriff Tyler Roden allow Rohrscheib and her sister, Jennifer Chaffin, both city and county officers, to offer the self-defense course as a courtesy of the Cullman Police Department and Cullman Sheriff’s Office to help the community.

Statistically speaking 75% of victims know their attacker. The most common chance of an attack happening in Cullman is centered around date situations, violence, date rape, violent friends and relatives. Rohrschieb said, “Our job is to support these girls by giving them tools to defend themselves.”

Monday, September 14, 2009

SBP participates in Youth Leadership

CONGRATULATIONS to the two students from SBP chosen by the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce to be members of Youth Leadership Cullman County: Mary Katherine Gray, Michael Justin Varquez.

Students were selected by submitting an application to the Chamber of Commerce. Students were also required to write an essay about their education and career goals, special hobbies or interest, naming a leader they admire most and why. The essay had to include why they wanted to participate in the Youth Leadership Cullman County program, and to discuss a specific problem observed in Cullman County. In addition students had to state why the problem was important, the issues it raised, and make at least one suggestion for its solution. A selection committee of adult leadership alumni judged the applications.

Gray and Varquez will attend a nine-month series of seminars and programs designed to bring together a class of two high school juniors chosen from each school in Cullman County to examine community issues such as education, healthcare, crime, government, economic development and quality of life.

Fr. Joel Martin, headmaster of St. Bernard Prep said, “These two students are fine representatives of our school and will be excellent contributors to the program. The Chamber made good choices.”

Mary Katherine Gray is the daughter of Tyrone and Kathy Gray of Cullman. Michael Justin Varquez is the son of Dr.’s Genaro and Mir Varquez of Cullman.

ACT scores up at St. Bernard

Officials at St. Bernard Prep School are pleased with the recent ACT Scores from 2009. Comparing the reading, math, English and science scores of the nearly 36,000 Alabama students who took the test before graduating in 2009, students at St. Bernard Prep met all four ACT College Readiness Benchmark Scores with a slight increase in composite scoring of 23.8, up from 23.0 last year.

The State of Alabama’s average composite score declined slightly to 20.3 from 20.4, which was posted by the state’s Class of 2008. The 2009 national composite score remained at 21.1.

St. Bernard Prep Headmaster, Fr. Joel Martin, said that at least half the students at St. Bernard take the ACT test and roughly half take the SAT, with a number using both. “We’re a school whose purpose is preparing students for college, so of course they are enrolled in college prep courses, and we expect our students to be well prepared for college-university studies.”

School counselor Barbara Rasplicka said, “It is reassuring to recognize that all of our students are accepted into colleges, and impressive scholarship offerings continue to be garnered by St. Bernard seniors.”

Rasplicka will be meeting with parents and students Sunday, September 13 at 4:30 p.m. for an informative session regarding the college application process.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SBP students and coach medal at Fairview

Four students at St. Bernard Prep and their coach, Jeff Taylor participated in the Fairview Labor Day 5K. All students medaled. Will Faulk, Jake Killebrew and Ayleana Mami won first place in their age divisions. Oscar Perez, ran a close second to Faulk. Faulk and Perez were third and fourth overall for the race. Coach Jeff Taylor and Faulk’s parents, William and Paige, won first place in their divisions as well.

SBP participates at Scottsboro 5K

The St Bernard Saints Cross Country team began their 2009 season with excellent results in both the girls and boys divisions in the Scottsboro Invitational.

The girls team was comprised of 7th grader Ayleana Mami, who began her career by leading the way for the Lady Saints with a fine time of 25:19.35 , and finishing 86th out of 158 runners over the 5K course. Caitlin Varquez followed with a 26:41.00 (112/158), and, Katelyn Rusk with a time of 33:19.31 (149/158).

The boys team finished strong coming in 7th out of 8 1A-3A teams, but more importantly, 14th out of 25 1-6A teams barely missing out on a top 10 finish by less than 12 points. All-State runner, Will Faulk continued his mastery of the trails with a great season-starting time of 18:52.34 finishing just out of medal contention by less than 8 seconds. Teammate Oscar Perez ran another sub-20 5K with a time of 19:54.02. Louis Yutiamco had a fine showing with a 21:36.69. Michael Varquez began his season with a strong 22:04.37, John Russell ran a 22:29.18. Ethan Arndt began his career with a 23:23.03 and Madison Pride finished with a 27:24.29.

Coach Jeff Taylor said both teams look forward to their next meet at the Chickasaw Trails Invitational this next weekend. “Even with running a 'skeleton crew' at this time of the season, this fine showing is a portend of great things to come!”

Monday, August 31, 2009

Saints place a Brooke Hill 5K in Decatur

St Bernard Middle School’s Ayleana Mami and Arabella Holsonback both of Cullman placed first and second respectively in the Brooke Hill 5K race held in Decatur, Alabama this past Saturday. St. Bernard Prep School’s Jake Killebrew, a senior from Birmingham, also placed first in his age group. St. Bernard’s Cross Country team will participate in their first meet of the season on Saturday, September 5 at Scottsboro High School.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saints Football Team

Support the 2009-2010 Saints Football program as they travel to Verbena, AL on August 21, for a jamboree game!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

St. Bernard to host BSC Conservatory Program

St. Bernard Prep School in conjunction with Birmingham Southern College’s Conservatory of Fine and Performing Arts will offer lessons in piano, voice, organ, band instruments and violin at St. Bernard beginning this fall.

St. Bernard is the first school in the Cullman area to offer this program. Lucy Victory, Director of BSC’s Conservatory Program said, “We offer the conservatory program in Birmingham, and are delighted to offer a satellite program in Cullman.” The Conservatory Program at BSC has a 104 year old standing tradition and has placed itself in the forefront of music education in this area and the Southeast.

The quality of the faculty is one of the reasons the Conservatory has earned such an outstanding reputation through the years. Most faculty members hold masters degrees and some hold doctorates. The dedication of faculty members help to make the Conservatory a special place for the students. Private instruction will be in half hour time slots. Students must register through Birmingham Southern College to participate. Applications may be printed by visiting Click on conservatory.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

St. Bernard off to good start

Students began the 2009-10 academic year at St. Bernard Prep in Cullman on Monday, August 10. Fr. Joel Martin, Headmaster at the School, said given the current economic downturn, he is very pleased with enrollment and the quality of faculty returning to the classrooms. “We have three more students than we had last year which is outstanding considering the current economy. “

Boarding students moved into the dorm rooms Sunday, and began their first day of class on Monday. Each year students move into their dorm rooms the day before school begins, to get acquainted with their new surroundings as well as to meet new friends from around the world. St. Bernard Admissions Director, John Arndt, said “The school community has 152 students enrolled. The high school enrolled 119 students – fourteen of which are international, and our Middle School has thirty-three students.”

Headmaster, Fr. Joel Martin, said students were pleased to find many physical improvements in the classroom building as well as to meet three new faculty members. “Our school building was totally renovated to include new paint, new flooring, new classroom space and a new look for the foyer. The computer writing lab was relocated to the library and the old writing lab space is now being used for classroom space.”

Two monks were added to the faculty. Br. Anselm Kuehler , who will profess simple vows as a Benedictine monk on August 15, returned to teach religion and serve as Student Government sponsor. Fr. Bede Marcy, a recent graduate of St. Meinrad Theologate, is teaching religion to freshmen and sophomores as well as serving as the school chaplain.

Katie Hawkins from Canton, Mississippi comes to St. Bernard from Bishop Byrne School in Memphis, Tennessee. Hawkins graduated from Spring Hill College in 2007 where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and minored in Spanish/Psychology. She recently received her Master’s Degree from Christian Brothers University.

John Tekulve, principal at the middle school, said his thirty-three students arrived eager to get the year started. “Students pre- registered, and appeared eager to get the new year started. We have a solid program in place that will prepare middle school students for high school.”

Fr. Joel Martin echoed Tekulve’s words by stating, “It’s good to see the students so excited about being at St. Bernard. I know our faculty will provide them with the necessary tools they need to succeed at St. Bernard and to prepare them for college.”

St. Bernard Prep is a private school for grades 7-12, and accepts students of all religious backgrounds. For more information visit the website or phone the admissions office at (256)739-6682 ext 7128.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SBP teachers gather for In-Service

Teachers at St. Bernard Prep School are meeting today for their annual inservice meeting. St. Bernard welcomes three new teachers to our community. Br. Anselm Kuehler, Fr. Bede Marcy and Miss Katie Hawkins.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

St. Bernard graduate writes book about St. Bernard experience

LONGWOOD, Fla., July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Seymour Lenz's new book, "Raised in the South by the Benedictine Monks at St. Bernard's Abbey," tells how, as a young adult raised in South Georgia, he took risks and faced challenges to change his life for the better.

This is a book of short stories about being raised as one of six kids in a poor family in South Georgia. As a young boy, he was told that he had a vocation to be a priest and was sent off to the seminary at St. Bernard's Monastery in Cullman, Alabama. Some of his memories are full of adventure, and others are about struggle and hardship in a large family. His stories tell of the obstacles he faced, how they affected him and how he dealt with them. The happiest stories are about his friends and the monks at St. Bernard's, who influenced his life and helped him to grow into a young man full of optimism and opportunity. His experiences in life, while growing up, helped him to form his identity. They are part of who he became. It can help today's young adults to change their lives for the better.

Seymour was inspired to write his book when he went back to St. Bernard's, in Cullman, Alabama, for his fiftieth class reunion. Before leaving the Abbey, he visited the Abbey cemetery to pay his respects. It startled him when he saw the tombstones of all of the Benedictine Monks who had ever taught him. It then dawned on him how much of who he was had come from them. The monks had dedicated their lives, as teachers and mentors, to helping him as a young adult. They also taught him by their example. This book was written as a tribute to them, and shows a little bit of how they went about transforming his life.

Book Information:
Seymour Lenz
407-620-3566 (Cell#)
This release was issued through eReleases(TM). For more information, visit

Monday, July 27, 2009

Prep School graduate ordained

Fr. Matthew Ericksen, SBP 1997, was ordained a priest on June 20, 2009, for the Diocese of Savannah at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah, Georgia. Bishop Kevin Boland, bishop of Savannah, was the ordaining bishop. Four priests were ordained at the ceremony.

Fr. Ericksen's First Mass was celebrated at his home parish in Moultrie, Georgia the next day. Fr. Joel Martin, O.S.B., Fr. Ericksen's former teacher and headmaster, was the homilist. The new priest has been assigned as assistant at St. Joseph's Church in Augusta, Georgia. He is the son of Margaret and Andrew Ericksen of Moultrie, Georgia.

Matthew Ericksen and his sister Maryann graduated from St. Bernard Prep in 1997. She was Valedictorian; he was Salutatorian. After graduation Fr. Ericksen attended and graduated from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta and did theological studies at Mount St. Mary's School of Theology in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Maryann is currently a philosophy student at the Angelicum in Rome, Italy.

SBP graduate participates in U.S. Men’s National Boxing Championship

Mikey Santos, a 2005 graduate of St. Bernard Prep in Cullman, recently qualified for the U.S. Men’s National Boxing Championship in Denver, Colorodo. The twenty-one year old lightweight paid his alma mater a visit during the 2009 Alumni Reunion.

Santos surprised everyone at the school but his former headmaster, Fr. Joel Martin. “Mikey was a small fellow when he came to St. Bernard, I would not have imagined him a boxer,” Fr. Joel said. “However, he was dogged in his determination to reach the goals he set for himself, and after watching him recently in a match, I can see that with his self-discipline, talent, and love for the sport, he can be successful.”

“Manny Pacquia, a boxer in the Phillipines, has been my idol for years,” Santos said. “My freshman year, I decided to start training with the speed bag and punching bag in the dorm at St. Bernard. This is when I decided to pursue boxing.”

Santos competes in the Golden Glove and USA Boxing Tournament Cycles. He won the USA Boxing District Championship held in Tuscaloosa, AL, and recently won the Southeastern Regional competition held in Johnson City, TN, where he won the right to compete in the nationals held in Denver, CO.

“By chance I was able to train with Jorge Teron the #4 lightweight in the world. Now, when he visits in Birmingham, we train together before big fights,” Santos said.

Santos’ parents , Leonides and Anna Maria Santos, are big boxing fans but, grinning, Mikey admits, his mom is less of a fan when he is in the ring. “She comes to the fights, but she can’t watch.”

Santos was raised in Russellville, Alabama, where he grew up with his twin brother, Joseph, who also boxes, and his older sisters, JoEllen and Kim, all of whom graduated from St. Bernard Preparatory School.

Smiling, Santos said, “I remember my first fight. I walked into the arena, and the guys took one look at me and thought I was a wimp, so I had things to prove.”
“I have never been knocked out, but I did get hurt in a sparring session training once with Jorge,” claimed Santos. “Before every fight I tell myself, ‘You are a good fighter, and you have trained hard to be here.’”

Santos attends the University of Alabama-Birmingham where he is a Spanish major and is on the Dean’s List.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

St. Bernard holds Alumni Reunion 2009

St. Bernard recently held Alumni Reunion 2009 for the alumni of St. Bernard College, Junior College, High School and Prep School the weekend of June 26th , 27th and 28th. Alumni from Puerto Rico to California gathered for the weekend to renew their friendships and remember the stories of their time at St. Bernard.

The weekend began with an Alumni Golf Scramble held at Chesley Oaks Golf Course with over 40 players participating. Tee time was at 9:00 am on Friday, June 26th and golfers were on the course will early afternoon. A luncheon was served at the club house of the golf course during which the winners received their prizes and recognitions.

At 9:30 am on Saturday a reception for the alumni was held in the newly renovated Ave Maria Grotto gift shop and gardens. The gift shop displayed an expanded sales area as well as a porch veranda and new exhibits and displays. Several alumni expressed delight in seeing the newly erected bronze statue of Br. Joseph placed across from the main altar in the Grotto garden.

A town hall meeting conducted by Fr. Marcus Voss and Abbot Cletus Meagher was held in the Switcher Classroom Building to update the alumni on the life and activities of St. Bernard Abbey and School. It was reported that the Abbey continues to grow and recently receive five new candidates into its formation program. The students in the school continue to excel as is evident from the $3 million in scholarship awarded to the thirty-three seniors who graduated this year. The economic downturn has had a negative impact on the investments for both the abbey and the school. Both Fr. Marcus and Abbot Cletus underscored the important role the alumni play in helping the Abbey and School meet the current financial challenges. Immediately following the presentation, a question and answer session followed. At the conclusion of the meeting, lunch was served in the Dining Hall.

The Alumni Mass was celebrated at 4:30 pm in the Abbey Church with Abbot Cletus as the main celebrant. In this homily, Abbot Cletus spoke of the life of faith that we all share and expressed his thanks for the blessings we all have received.

The Alumni Reception and Banquet, which was held in the Fazi-Richard Athletic Center, followed the celebration of Mass. Anniversary classes had their pictures taken as the alumni gathered for a delightful evening of good food, long conversations and dancing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

St. Bernard to host Summer Open House

St. Bernard Prep in Cullman is hosting Summer Open House on Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 2 p.m. Fr. Marcus Voss, President of St. Bernard Prep, said he hopes to give families the opportunity to see St. Bernard and the many benefits available at the school. “Many families are not aware of the wonderful educational option that is available to them at St. Bernard. I would invite everyone to come and see what we have to offer. We have an exceptional Middle School and High School which can help students grow and develop and become successful,” Fr. Marcus said.

The school, operated by the Benedictine monks at St. Bernard Abbey, serves students in grades 7-12. St. Bernard is a co-ed boarding and day school, and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

“Just last May,” Fr. Marcus continued, “ we graduated thirty-three graduates. Those thirty-three graduates were offered in excess of $3 million in college scholarships. Our classes are small by design which allows our teachers to give more individual attention to our students. Students with average to good academic ability can learn to excel in our environment.”

Fr. Marcus concluded by saying, “We want our students to participate. We offer art, music, drama and athletics so our students can develop their talents in a variety of ways. Being well-rounded not only opens the doors to college, it also prepares a person for success in life.”

The Open House is designed for both commuting and resident students. Participants in the Open House will receive a tour of the campus, meet current students and have the opportunity to speak with parents who have students enrolled at St. Bernard.

To reserve a place at the Summer Open House, call (256) 738-6682 ext. 7110. To make application to attend St. Bernard, visit the website at and click on “Admissions” or call (256) 738-6682 ext. 7128.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

St. Bernard to host Alumni Weekend 2009

St. Bernard in Cullman, AL will host the 2009 Alumni Weekend on Thursday, June 25-Sunday, June 28. Everyone who has attended St. Bernard High School, Junior College, College, or Prep School is invited to attend.

On Thursday a golf reception and team assignments will be held in Founders Hall. Friday will include a golf scramble at Chesley Oaks Golf Course or a town outing to specialty and antique shops. Friday evening all will take part in a buffet dinner and dance. Saturday will include a reception in the Grotto, town hall meeting, lunch cookout, and dinner banquet.

Special recognition for the anniversary year classes of 1949, ’54. ’59, and ’64, etc. and the Prep School classes of 1989, ’94, ’99, and 2004 will be given.

For more information regarding cost and registration, contact the school by calling (256)739-6682 or

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Record number attends Camp St. Bernard

Seventy-five boys and girls from North Alabama are participating in the first week of summer camp located on the campus of St. Bernard Prep School in Cullman, AL. The first week, which is designed for youngsters ranging in age from seven to ten years of age, opened on Sunday, May 31st and will continue until Friday, May 5th. Two more weeks of summer camp will follow on June 7-12 and June 14-19 and are designed for 10-14 year olds.

Camp Director, John Arndt, said he is very pleased with the large number of participants this year. “It has been fantastic having a record number of campers” he said. “The kids are happy which speaks well for our counselors,” Arndt continued. “The campers are constantly on the move. As soon as one activity ends, everyone wants to know what the next activity is going to be.”

Camp Saint Bernard helps each individual camper gain skills that will enable him or her to achieve a strong sense of self. The campus is taught to be confidence and self-responsibility in a safe, enjoyable, and supervised setting.

One activity especially enjoyed by the campers was being marooned on the “lava boat.” Greyson Gerding, a first-year camper, said this has been his favorite activity during his first day. As Grayson explained “You have a board over four barrels and a gigantic stick. You have to push the stick, and move a barrel to the front without falling into the lava- which is really the grass.”

“One of the goals at Camp Saint Bernard is to provide a recreational environment in which campers can gain a deeper understanding of the manner in which they are related to their natural environment and their fellow man,” said John Arndt. “As stated by patron St. Bernard, a monk of the 12th century, ‘You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.’ "

Camp Saint Bernard offers day and boarding camps during the summer with each camp session lasting one week. June 7-12, and June 14-19 are camps with activities and sessions designated for 10-14 year olds. For more information contact John Arndt at 256-739-6682 or

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

St. Bernard graduates 33

St. Bernard Prep School in Cullman graduated thirty-three seniors on Sunday, May 24 in an impressive ceremony conducted in the Abbey Church and under the direction of Fr. Joel Martin, Headmaster of the School. After welcoming members of the Board of Directors, the faculty, the staff and the invited guests, Fr. Joel noted that this year’s graduating seniors had the distinction of earning over $3.3 million dollars in scholarships to colleges and universities.

As part of the 25th anniversary celebration of St. Bernard Preparatory School, the St. Bernard Board of Directors established the “Distinguished Alumnus Award” to be given annually to an alumnus chosen for the honor. Fr. Marcus Voss, President of St. Bernard Prep School, presented over this portion of the graduation ceremonies. After reading the citation, he concluded by saying, “St. Bernard takes pride today in presenting its inaugural ‘Distinguished Alumnus Award’ to a family man, an entrepreneur and a friend – Roy H. Drinkard.”

In the citation, Fr. Marcus noted that Mr. Drinkard was “a distinguished American citizen, an accomplished business and community leader, a dedicated family man and a committed seeker of God’s eternal Truth. Reared and educated in Cullman County, he graduated from St. Bernard High School in 1938 having been trained by a stalwart Benedictine faculty. He proudly served his country during World War II as a U.S. Marine in the Pacific theater. He currently holds the office of President of Drinkard Development, a company with commercial interests that extend across the southeast and beyond. This man, whose business acumen has led his industrial colleagues to select him to represent their common interests, has served as President of the Cullman County Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Cullman Planning Commission, as well as Chairman, President and Director of the Industrial Development Board of the City of Cullman. He currently serves on the Boards of Wallace State Community College, Troy State University and the Helen Keller Foundation Board. Blessed with a variety of interests and the stamina to pursue them, this remarkable man is especially devoted to his family and his faith. In a public recognition, his family was named by Cullman County Farm-City as the Outstanding City Family for 2007. A life-long member of the First Baptist Church, he calls himself a Benedictine-Baptist in recognition of the religious values and training that were instilled in him during the formative years of his youth.”

Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Birmingham, the Most Rev. David E. Foley gave the commencement address. “You have had an experience that will last a lifetime,” he said to the graduates. “You will be remembered for your goodness and all the hilarious happenings between yourselves and your teachers. You will be remembered by the monks here.”

Bishop Foley encouraged the students to live their faith and live the values they have been taught. “We live in two worlds – the visible and the invisible. Catholic Education and particularly St. Bernard Prep School takes into account the fact that you have acquired not just truths about things you can see, but that you have been formed in mind, body, and spirit. To hold these elements securely in your grasp, will ensure a future destiny full of hope, happiness and joy forever.”

After the commencement address, Fr. Joel announced this year’s graduation awards. Nino Christorpher Cumba YuTiamco received the valedictorian award while Kristen Nichole Meyer was named salutatorian. In giving the general excellence medal, the highest award given to a graduating senior, Fr. Joel stated that “the criteria for this award requires that a student must be enrolled at St. Bernard Prep for the last two full years, be dedicated to academic excellence, exercise leadership and represent the values of the school.” The 2009 general excellence medal was presented to Maria Teresa Mueller.

Diplomas were presented to the seniors by Abbot Cletus Meagher with Fr. Marcus Voss assisting him. After the awarding of the diplomas, Nino YuTiamco gave the valedictory address. “It is such a great honor to stand before this crowd,” he said. After recognizing his follow graduates, he thanked all the parents for their support and encouragement. He paid special tribute to the parents and grandparents who flew from Korea and the Philippines. To all the parents he said, “You are the ones who held our hands through it all.”

YuTiamco congratulated his fellow graduates for their accomplishments. “Our class is one of a kind,” he said. “We were the largest freshman class when we arrived here four years ago and we have excelled in the scholarship money we have received.” He concluded his remarks by encouraging his classmates “to be the best in whatever you can.”Fr. Joel Martin ended the ceremony by issuing a challenge to the students. “We need challenges because we come alive in struggles,” he said. “We have high expectations for your future. You’re made for greatness. Go and take St. Bernard with you.”

Music for the graduation exercises was provided by Dr. Rebecca Whited, organist, as well as the Alabama Pipes and Drums Corps. The Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Honor Guard of the Fr. Leo Carter Assembly 2624 also participated in the ceremonies.

Following the prayer and dismissal by Abbot Cletus Meagher, a reception was held in the St. Bernard Dining Hall.

8th Grade Graduation at St. Bernard Middle School

Graduation ceremonies held on Thursday, May 21st, marked the completion of the course of studies for twenty-one students enrolled in the Middle School program of St. Bernard Preparatory School. These graduates were part of the first class to complete both years of enrollment in the Middle School that opened its doors in the 2007-08 academic year. Abbot Cletus Meagher, Chairman of the Board for St. Bernard Prep, served as main celebrant of the Mass celebrated in the Abbey Church. During the service he told the students, “Last year may have been our first class to graduate from the Middle School, but you are the first class to complete the first two years.”

Abbot Cletus reminded students that not only did they receive a quality education, but equally as important, their learning took place in a faith-based environment. “With your learning comes wisdom , and wisdom is knowledge. Don’t lose sight of the wisdom that keeps God first. Through him all things are possible.”

“You have been given a strong foundation to prepare you for your high school years. Always remember and be grateful to your parents, grandparents, teachers, alumni and friends who have made great sacrifices so that you can receive the gift of a private education at St. Bernard Prep,” Abbot Cletus said. “You have been prepared, now it is up to you.”

One of the highlights of the evening was the awarding of diplomas to each graduate. These were presented by Abbot Cletus who was assisted by Fr. Marcus Voss, President, Fr. Joel Martin, Headmaster and Mr. John Tekulve, Assistant Headmaster for the Middle School.

A reception held in the St. Bernard Dining Hall followed the ceremonies.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Abbot Cletus Meagher re-elected

Abbot Cletus has been re-elected to serve as Abbot at St. Bernard Abbey until the age of 75. The community met on May 14-16, and re-elected Abbot Cletus to serve them for the next ten years as the their spiritual leader.

Abbot Cletus, the 9th Abbot of St. Bernard, submitted his letter of resignation as mandated by the Constitutions and Directives for the American Cassinese Congregation at the age of 65. At the time he took office the mandatory retirement age was 65, but has since been raised to 75 years of age.

Entering the monastery in 1964, Abbot Cletus made his first vows in 1965. Since that time, he has served in about every capacity in the abbey. He has served as novice master, prior, was pastor for many years at Sacred Heart Church in Cullman. Abbot Cletus said, “Saint Bernard has provided me with home, and education. The support of community has been there with every part of my life. Now I have the opportunity to give back to the community through the work and responsibilities of the job given.”

The community at St. Bernard Abbey affirmed Abbot Cletus’ leadership over the past 14 years at 3 o’clock Friday afternoon. “I consider it a gift and grace from God to be able to serve as the community leader,” Abbot Cletus said.

The role of Abbot is a call to obedience. “I am honored to accept this role and to serve the community in whatever capacity is needed,” Abbot Cletus said.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Congratulations to Brittany Schaefers who was recently named the winner of the Father Luke Fazi Award at St. Bernard Preparatory Schools Athletic Banquet.