Friday, March 25, 2011

Bloomin' Festival - April 9-10, 2011

St. Bernard Prep School will host the 27th Annual Bloomin' Festival Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday and Sunday, April 9-10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The show features more than 150 artist and craftspeople from across the United States. Highlighting the event is the give-away of a brand new 2011 Jeep Patriot, Gatlinburg, TN vacation at Zoder's Inn; and many other prizes. Ave Maria Grotto is open the entire weekend for only $3 and will be hosting a 10% off storwide sale. Festival admission is a $5 donation to St. Bernard Prep School. Join us on Facebook.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Huntsville Physician speaks to St. Bernard Prep

Dr. Monica Murphy, an emergency room physician at Huntsville Hospital spent her off-day at St. Bernard Preparatory School in Cullman presenting a program on the effects of alcohol and drug use.

With the assistance of her husband Kris, the duo presented a power point and question/answer session. “I’m sure all of us know someone who has or is using drugs. No family is immune to drug abuse. We all know addicts whether the substance is tobacco, alcohol or drugs,” Murphy said. “A drug makes you feel real good at first; that’s why we take them; but then you feel just okay; before long you have to have it to function; and finally you need it to survive. “

Photo images of healthy lungs and tar covered lungs were shown. “Nicotine is highly addictive and melts the lungs. Most of my emphysema patients look like a fish out of water. The ones who don’t die of a lack of oxygen die of heart failure. “

Murphy stressed that though alcohol may be a legal drug, it is very addictive. “The media makes it look fun and very hard to resist, but even the first drink can turn on the alcohol gene that leads to alcoholism.”

Noting Cullman County has its share of drugs available to the public, naming marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroine, crack and black magic, and others, Murphy explained, “A lot of people think marijuana is a soft drug, straight from nature and no big deal. However it is the most common reason people go into drug rehab; and it is known as the gateway drug - if you try it, you’ll be inclined to try something else later.”

These drugs alter the brain’s chemistry and can cause chronic anxiety and depression, and they may activate schizophrenia. Murphy left nothing to the imagination describing the typical drug users. “People come into the ER trying to pick bugs out of the air and from their skin; they hear voices inside their head telling them to kill themselves.”

After viewing side by side photo images of meth addicts, students were disgusted by the aged appearance of those who had been on drugs for just a few years. “Meth users are not hard to detect. This junk literally melts the enamel off their teeth.” Crystal meth - a combination of Sudafed, household chemicals, lye, and other substances, is highly deadly, and highly addictive. “Meth destroys your body, mind, and soul - and the damage is permanent.”

Emergency rooms treat alcoholics and drug users daily. Some are highly educated, but have lost everything. They live on the streets in cardboard boxes, under bridges, and their lives are consumed by attempting to get enough alcohol to survive the day. “We see this everyday. Alcohol kills the liver, causes vomiting and pooping blood, and surgically nothing can be done.”

Murphy demonstrated how to say no to friends, and then shared her personal high school story with the students . “While in the 11th grade, my best friend started smoking pot, and it ended our friendship. Friends are people you trust, but this is a decision you have to make. The decision has to come from within.”

“Just say “no” in your own words – if you have already tried drugs, say no more,“ stressed Murphy.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Murphy said, “I care about this community. Your school matters to me. My children will go here one day, and I don’t want you offering my children drugs; and I certainly don’t want your parents to show up in my ER and have to say ‘I am so sorry; we did everything we could. Your child is dead’.”

Fr. Joel Martin, headmaster at St. Bernard Prep, expressed his appreciation to Kris and Dr. Murphy. He said he was very pleased with the down to earth presentation and student interaction: “Dr. Murphy was certainly powerful and to the point. She did not simply say, ‘Don’t take drugs;’ she showed us clearly and dramatically why we should not. Her message was well received by the students and faculty.”

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras at St. Bernard

Students at St. Bernard Prep School in Cullman were reminded of the meaning and derivation of Mardi Gras Tuesday, at a student assembly.

The Day before Ash Wednesday is called “Fat Tuesday” or Mardi Gras because, as Fr. Joel Martin, principal at the school said, “Fat Tuesday is the last day to enjoy some merriment before the austere season of Lent begins.”

This day is also referred to as “Shrove Tuesday” taken from the word “to shrive” meaning “to have sins removed and forgiven.”

Fr Joel Martin told students that on Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) the palms from last year’s Palm Sunday are burned; from them come the ashes to be used the next day, traditionally called “Ash Wednesday.” These palms were burned in a small container in front of the Classroom Building during the school’s student assembly on Tuesday.

“Now the “ALLELUIA” will be retired,” Fr. Joel said. He explained the Hebrew word “Alleluia,” means “Praise toThe Lord,” and is an expression of joy that is not used during the penitential season of Lent. It is “buried” on Mardi Gras and is
“resurrected” at Easter.

The students’ Mardi Gras celebration was concluded with a performance by the St. Bernard Saints Jazz Ensemble.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Saint Bernard thriving

Officials at St. Bernard Prep were excited about the interest and outstanding participation at the School’s recent Spring Open House. Admissions Director, Donna Bryant welcomed the twenty families represented and guaranteed everyone St. Bernard would not be affected by proration. Bryant said, “We will not be affected by proration, and will continue to offer music, drama and the arts as well as our athletic and college prep programs.”

St. Bernard President, Fr. Marcus Voss guaranteed each student admitted to the school would receive a well rounded education and be encouraged to get involved in the many activities offered at the school. He said, “I will never forget my dad dropping me off at the Administration Building and telling me to have a good day. I was a town boy and didn’t know what to think of it. But, here I am. I loved St. Bernard so much, I decided to stay.”

St. Bernard holds a special place in the lives of its graduates. Fr. Joel Martin, Headmaster, said he is honored to be a part of student’s weddings, baptisms, etc. With a big grin, Fr. Joel said, “We have seen many couples graduate, attend college, and come back to St. Bernard to be married in the Abbey Church.”

Families were treated to a campus tour of the Abbey Church, Fazi-Richard Athletic Center, dorms and school buildings. While visiting Founders Hall, everyone enjoyed watching the high school jazz band perform.

St. Bernard is a great alternative to crowded classrooms, and offers an average 8:1 student teacher ratio. The Class of 2010 was offered more than 3.6 million dollars in scholarship offers and accepted to 78 colleges and universities.

Scholarships and financial aid are available to those who qualify. Anyone interested in more information should contact the Admissions Office at (256)739-6682 or visit

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saint Bernard Middle School congratulates the following students for their achievements on the A and A/B Honor Roll for the First Semester of 2010-11:

A Honor Roll ( All A’s)

Alex Anderson, Bremen
Abigail Bennett, Vinemont
Megan Butler, Cullman
Aimme Cortes, Vinemont
Anna Gongre, Cullman
Jacob Grey, Cullman
Gavin Harris, Crane Hill
Allison Hubert, McMinnville, TN
Ayleana Mami, Cullman
Braden McGraw, Cullman
Madison McMahon, Hayden
Lesley O’Donnell, Hayden
Candace Rosenhoover, Huntsville
Dean Smith, Cullman
Jacob Sweeney, Arab
Zana Wilson, Cullman
Christopher Woods, Warrior

B Honor Roll ( All A’s or B’s)

Theresa Gamble. Cullman
Sandra Garcia, Cullman
Hayden Harris, Hanceville
Ann Huynh, Cullman
Jillian Ivey, Hanceville
Jacob Lewis, Cullman
Steven Mami, Cullman
Abigail Mescher, Cullman
Alli Messick, Cullman
Shivangi Patel, Cullman
William Sciaroni, Decatur
Miranda “Wren” Thornton, Cullman
Cameron Tinney, Hanceville
Sally Yang, Korea

St. Bernard First Semester 2010-11

St. Bernard Prep congratulates the following students who achieve the status of Honor orMerit Roll for First Semester 2010-11:

Honor Roll
Logan Ayers, Cullman
Savannah Beaver, Cullman
Mackenzie Bockhold, Cullman
Michayla Brown, Arab
Goun Choi, Korea
Katherine Gamble, Cullman
Minji Kang, Korea
Jiae Park, Korea
So Hyun Park, Korea
Gabriel Paulter, Birmingham

Merit Roll
JC Albritton, Lithonia, GA
Bryce Allen, Hanceville
Haley Black, Cullman
Christi Caples, Cullman
Aymee Chauvin, Conway, AR
James Chung, Korea
Jerrica Crawford, Cullman
Nathan Denson, Gadsden
Ria Foye, Albertville
Mary Katherine Gray, Cullman
Anna Keefe, Cullman
Sean MacFarlane, Decatur
Michael Mendoca, Hanceville
Jacob Mynatt, Hartselle
Jiwon Oh, Korea
Oscar Perez, Cullman
Sadie Pudles, Cullman
Amberly Robinson, Hanceville
John Russell, Davenport, IA
Michael Schartung, Decatur
John Schneider, Decatur
Sam Shin, Korea
Madeline Schweers, Madison
Caitlin Varquez, Cullman
Zoie Wilson, Cullman
Andy Woods, Warrior

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Renovations continue at St. Bernard

Students recently witnessed the beginning of a new project at St. Bernard. Abbot Cletus stood in their midst while workers lifted the big green top from the old water filtering cistern. Plans are to build a gazebo where the filtering system had been located for probably more than 80-90 years.