Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saints take first place at Catholic High Invitational

St Bernard Cross Country All-State contender, Will Faulk, led the freshman boys team to the overall title at the Catholic High Invitational, Saturday, Sept. 19. Rain and sloppy weather couldn’t stop Faulk from breaking a new course record with a time of 12:28.80 in the 2-mile course. He was followed by teammate Oscar Perez who had a 13:12.46. Miles Bennett finished 11th; Ethan Arndt (12th); and Madison Pride (17).

“Even with a sloppy course and slower than normal times, the Saints beat defending champion 4A powerhouse Albertville by 2 points,” Saints Coach Jeff Taylor said.

The Jr. High Girls fared well with all runners in the top 10 in their race. They were led by Ayleana Mami (1st), Caitlin Varquez (3rd), Arabella Holsonback (5), and Brittany Branch (10).

The Saints Varsity Boys and Girls teams brought home the first place trophies for Class 1A in their races. The girls struggled with the course and conditions but did well in bringing home the title. Led by newcomer Shiru Diao (29:23.09;50/91 runners), the Saints showed promise as they approach the midpoint of the season. Ria Foye, Ying Huang, Katelyn Rusk, Jiae Park, and Minji Kang represented the school well with grit and determination.

The Varsity Boys team was led by veteran competitor John Russell (36/109) with a time of 22:28.38. Coach Taylor said, “His time was less than a minute slower than his best time for this meet, but the rainy conditions and slippery course made for some disappointment by all the runners.”

However, the mud and rain was worth the pain as Russell, Aaron Ezell, Louis Yutiamco, Michael J. Varquez, Jake Killebrew and Johnathan Gray accepted the 1st place trophy.

The teams compete next Saturday in the Kudzu Hills Invitational at Cold Springs High School. “We are looking forward to this event. This site will host the Section Meet-November 5 to determine which team has the strength to make it to state, Taylor said. “It will give us another chance to become familiar with the trails.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Self defense taught at St. Bernard Prep

Officer Cindy Rohrscheib of the Cullman Police Department finished up a two week course of Self Defense recently with St. Bernard Preparatory School’s girls. Physical Education instructor, Ruth Anne Knight makes the self defense training part of her class time for both middle and high school students. “It’s important for young females to know the fundamentals of how to protect themselves if they ever need it. Officer Rohrscheib has done an excellent job in helping the girls in all aspects of training.”

Students concluded training recently by learning how to get up off the ground from an attacker, and how to handle an attacker who is carrying a weapon. Rohrscheib instructed and demonstrated self defense techniques for the students. “If someone has an edged weapon, the bicycle kick will protect your vital organs,” she said. Rohrscheib taught the basic trap arm, trap foot, bridge and roll. With the assistance of her son, Lance, Rohrscheib demonstrated each technique and had the student’s partner up for hands on training.

Rohrscheib said she has noticed students who have been in the class for the past three years have retained the knowledge and seemed more assertive. “They grabbed the concept and it didn’t take near as long to instruct them as it had previously.”

Chief Kenny Culpepper and Sheriff Tyler Roden allow Rohrscheib and her sister, Jennifer Chaffin, both city and county officers, to offer the self-defense course as a courtesy of the Cullman Police Department and Cullman Sheriff’s Office to help the community.

Statistically speaking 75% of victims know their attacker. The most common chance of an attack happening in Cullman is centered around date situations, violence, date rape, violent friends and relatives. Rohrschieb said, “Our job is to support these girls by giving them tools to defend themselves.”

Monday, September 14, 2009

SBP participates in Youth Leadership

CONGRATULATIONS to the two students from SBP chosen by the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce to be members of Youth Leadership Cullman County: Mary Katherine Gray, Michael Justin Varquez.

Students were selected by submitting an application to the Chamber of Commerce. Students were also required to write an essay about their education and career goals, special hobbies or interest, naming a leader they admire most and why. The essay had to include why they wanted to participate in the Youth Leadership Cullman County program, and to discuss a specific problem observed in Cullman County. In addition students had to state why the problem was important, the issues it raised, and make at least one suggestion for its solution. A selection committee of adult leadership alumni judged the applications.

Gray and Varquez will attend a nine-month series of seminars and programs designed to bring together a class of two high school juniors chosen from each school in Cullman County to examine community issues such as education, healthcare, crime, government, economic development and quality of life.

Fr. Joel Martin, headmaster of St. Bernard Prep said, “These two students are fine representatives of our school and will be excellent contributors to the program. The Chamber made good choices.”

Mary Katherine Gray is the daughter of Tyrone and Kathy Gray of Cullman. Michael Justin Varquez is the son of Dr.’s Genaro and Mir Varquez of Cullman.

ACT scores up at St. Bernard

Officials at St. Bernard Prep School are pleased with the recent ACT Scores from 2009. Comparing the reading, math, English and science scores of the nearly 36,000 Alabama students who took the test before graduating in 2009, students at St. Bernard Prep met all four ACT College Readiness Benchmark Scores with a slight increase in composite scoring of 23.8, up from 23.0 last year.

The State of Alabama’s average composite score declined slightly to 20.3 from 20.4, which was posted by the state’s Class of 2008. The 2009 national composite score remained at 21.1.

St. Bernard Prep Headmaster, Fr. Joel Martin, said that at least half the students at St. Bernard take the ACT test and roughly half take the SAT, with a number using both. “We’re a school whose purpose is preparing students for college, so of course they are enrolled in college prep courses, and we expect our students to be well prepared for college-university studies.”

School counselor Barbara Rasplicka said, “It is reassuring to recognize that all of our students are accepted into colleges, and impressive scholarship offerings continue to be garnered by St. Bernard seniors.”

Rasplicka will be meeting with parents and students Sunday, September 13 at 4:30 p.m. for an informative session regarding the college application process.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SBP students and coach medal at Fairview

Four students at St. Bernard Prep and their coach, Jeff Taylor participated in the Fairview Labor Day 5K. All students medaled. Will Faulk, Jake Killebrew and Ayleana Mami won first place in their age divisions. Oscar Perez, ran a close second to Faulk. Faulk and Perez were third and fourth overall for the race. Coach Jeff Taylor and Faulk’s parents, William and Paige, won first place in their divisions as well.

SBP participates at Scottsboro 5K

The St Bernard Saints Cross Country team began their 2009 season with excellent results in both the girls and boys divisions in the Scottsboro Invitational.

The girls team was comprised of 7th grader Ayleana Mami, who began her career by leading the way for the Lady Saints with a fine time of 25:19.35 , and finishing 86th out of 158 runners over the 5K course. Caitlin Varquez followed with a 26:41.00 (112/158), and, Katelyn Rusk with a time of 33:19.31 (149/158).

The boys team finished strong coming in 7th out of 8 1A-3A teams, but more importantly, 14th out of 25 1-6A teams barely missing out on a top 10 finish by less than 12 points. All-State runner, Will Faulk continued his mastery of the trails with a great season-starting time of 18:52.34 finishing just out of medal contention by less than 8 seconds. Teammate Oscar Perez ran another sub-20 5K with a time of 19:54.02. Louis Yutiamco had a fine showing with a 21:36.69. Michael Varquez began his season with a strong 22:04.37, John Russell ran a 22:29.18. Ethan Arndt began his career with a 23:23.03 and Madison Pride finished with a 27:24.29.

Coach Jeff Taylor said both teams look forward to their next meet at the Chickasaw Trails Invitational this next weekend. “Even with running a 'skeleton crew' at this time of the season, this fine showing is a portend of great things to come!”