Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Self defense taught at St. Bernard Prep

Officer Cindy Rohrscheib of the Cullman Police Department finished up a two week course of Self Defense recently with St. Bernard Preparatory School’s girls. Physical Education instructor, Ruth Anne Knight makes the self defense training part of her class time for both middle and high school students. “It’s important for young females to know the fundamentals of how to protect themselves if they ever need it. Officer Rohrscheib has done an excellent job in helping the girls in all aspects of training.”

Students concluded training recently by learning how to get up off the ground from an attacker, and how to handle an attacker who is carrying a weapon. Rohrscheib instructed and demonstrated self defense techniques for the students. “If someone has an edged weapon, the bicycle kick will protect your vital organs,” she said. Rohrscheib taught the basic trap arm, trap foot, bridge and roll. With the assistance of her son, Lance, Rohrscheib demonstrated each technique and had the student’s partner up for hands on training.

Rohrscheib said she has noticed students who have been in the class for the past three years have retained the knowledge and seemed more assertive. “They grabbed the concept and it didn’t take near as long to instruct them as it had previously.”

Chief Kenny Culpepper and Sheriff Tyler Roden allow Rohrscheib and her sister, Jennifer Chaffin, both city and county officers, to offer the self-defense course as a courtesy of the Cullman Police Department and Cullman Sheriff’s Office to help the community.

Statistically speaking 75% of victims know their attacker. The most common chance of an attack happening in Cullman is centered around date situations, violence, date rape, violent friends and relatives. Rohrschieb said, “Our job is to support these girls by giving them tools to defend themselves.”

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