Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Senior Dedication Mass held at St. Bernard

Thirty five seniors at St. Bernard Prep School in Cullman were honored recently during a special Eucharistic celebration in the Abbey Church. Fr. Marcus Voss, President, and Fr. Joel Martin, Headmaster, concelebrated the Mass which focused on the Senior Class and their role of leadership in the community.

Fr. Marcus Voss told students during the homily, “You are our campus leaders. You set the tone and serve as our models. Our school will grow and thrive because of you.” He reminded them of their years of experience on the campus. “All of you remember your first day at St. Bernard,” he said. “Whether it was finding your way to class or moving into the dorm and meeting the dorm parents, there was uneasiness of the unknown. Now you know this place and one another. You have competed on our athletic fields, you have participated in drama, you have sung and danced, you have studied for exams, you know our faculty and you know one another,” he continued. “With that knowledge comes the responsibility to serve as good leaders and set the example for others to follow.” During the homily Fr. Marcus used the disciples of Jesus as an example. He said, “The disciples of the Lord came to know who they were because of their relationship to Jesus. They, in turn, put this knowledge into practice. Because of them the world was changed. In the Scriptures, a wise person takes what he has been given and uses it for the good of all.”

During the ceremony, each student was recognized individually and was presented a cross. The presentations of the crosses recognized their lives of service not only at St. Bernard community but in whatever they would do. Prayers accompanied this presentation asking God to bless all those who dedicate themselves to lives of service. Fr. Marcus said, “We pray that all of our students be filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be of service in our community and live lives of true freedom, and happiness.”

The 2009 senior class at St. Bernard Prep is helping to shape St. Bernard Prep to prepare people who come after them. The service concluded with Fr. Marcus asking God’s blessing upon this senior class that they may faithfully serve as leaders in the School and prepare the way for others who will become part of the St. Bernard tradition.

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