Monday, December 1, 2008

Tennis facilities receive complete overhaul

Because of the benefaction of Robert Blevins (C’77-79), a major overhaul of the St. Bernard tennis facilities was recently completed in preparation for the spring tennis season. The project consisted in the renovation of three existing courts and the conversion of three additional courts from clay-surface to hard-surface courts. Also included in the project was the replacement of the deteriorated fence around the clay courts and the restoration of the fencing around the existing courts.

Robert Blevins, who played on the tennis team while attending St. Bernard College, is a native of Cullman, AL, and is the CEO of Texican National Gas Company. Seeing that the present tennis facility was inadequate to support a full fledged tennis program, he agreed to underwrite the work needed for the conversion and renovation of all six tennis courts.

The contract was awarded to Pro Court Construction, Inc., based in Huntsville, AL. Under the direction of Duffy Boles, the work began in late August and was completed in early November. The scope of the work included new asphalt and base, new fencing and concrete curbs, new posts and nets and the latest Plexipave color system used by national tennis associations.

“The three clay tennis courts were overgrown and unusable,” said Fr. Marcus Voss, President of St. Bernard Prep School. “Converting them to hard-surface courts as well as the renovation of the three existing courts has been a major upgrade for our tennis program.”

“The support we received from Robert Blevins has directly affected the student-athletes who play on our tennis teams,” Fr. Marcus continued. “I certainly am grateful to him and his family for all they have done to make this a first-class tennis facility.”

In recognition of Mr. Blevins’ contribution to the tennis program, a dedicatory plaque has been placed at the tennis courts in his honor.

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