Friday, March 13, 2009

Birmingham Southern students teach at St. Bernard

Middle school teachers were given an extra planning hour so Dr. Eileen Moore, Professor of Education, Birmingham-Southern College, could bring four of her Education Majors to teach first period classes at St. Bernard Middle School. According to Moore, these students are junior secondary students in her course about reading in the content areas. Lauren Hamilton, Montgomery is a dance major; Carrie Ann Castleberry, Atmore; Brandon Carney, Birmingham, and Aaron Carr, Atlanta; are history majors.

In the past (BSC) students normally scatter to different schools in the Birmingham area once a week for ten weeks. Moore who currently serves on St. Bernard Preparatory School’s Board of Directors said, “We will be coming to St. Bernard five times and present two lessons each time to meet the course requirement of ten hours of field experience. This is going to work fine. I am delighted to be here. ”

Moore explained the details of lesson plans. “Our (BSC) students take turns writing a lesson after I have modeled several. The students present a lesson to the class and talk about how they wrote it. We then put everything together on our Blackboard web site so that each of them can rewrite and tailor it to the group they are teaching.”

The state of Alabama says all 7th through 12th grade certificated teachers are reading teachers and requires that all teachers know how to use the Qualitative Reading Inventory. Moore said these students have given that informal reading assessment among additional activities as being able to determine the readability levels of books. “I encourage them to read the books their students are reading so they are aware of the students’ interest areas. The class ends up being a good experience.”

During the first set of lessons, each BSC student presented classes with ideas on what kind of learner they were - kinesthetic, visual or auditory. Headmaster, John Tekulve said, the preservice teachers were prepared, and St. Bernard students enjoyed the interactive presentations.

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