Monday, May 16, 2011

Minor Damage at St. Bernard because of Twisters

The Saint Bernard Community is counting its blessings after EF4 tornadoes ripped through Cullman County the afternoon of April 27. The twisters, which destroyed much of historic downtown Cullman, damaged roofs on the main campus and on the farm buildings of the St. Bernard campus.

“Compared to the destruction in Cullman, we have been very fortunate and blessed,” said Fr. Marcus Voss, OSB, President of St. Bernard Prep School. “We only lost some trees near the cemetery and the roof damage is something we can repair. Downtown Cullman, on the other hand, looks like a war zone. The force of the tornado’s winds plus falling oak trees destroyed many homes and businesses in town."

Many families in Cullman are counting their losses, but are thankful to be alive. One St. Bernard faculty member lost her home entirely and another suffered significant damage.

“In addition to the damage caused by the storm, the impact from the loss of revenue at Ave Maria Grotto Gift Shop has also affected St. Bernard,” said Fr. Marcus. “Highway 278 was closed for over a week and phones and internet service is still not available. Communication is strictly limited to cell phone calls and text messaging."

Fr. Marcus continued, “We are patiently waiting for AT&T to get our phone lines and internet working again. Local authorities have been re-routing traffic around St. Bernard to help crews work without interruptions.”

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Pleasance Faast said...

Good thing the damage was not that serious. Buildings and structures like schools should be sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. The materials should be top-of-the-line to ensure a strong foundation. [Pleasance Faast ]

Corbin Linder said...

The weather is one of the factors that can damage our roofs. Heavy winds can throw debris and torn off the roofs. It's a good thing that the damage was not that serious. For me, roofs are very important for they protect our house from such elements. This is why I regularly inspect our roof and gutter before the rainy or snow season starts.

Corbin Linder

Herb said...

It’s nice to hear that the roof is already repaired. I hope the new roof was made with high-quality metal sheets so that it can withstand the weather changes that occur in our place. I also suggest assigning somebody to regularly check on the conditions of the roof to prevent it from getting damaged again.

[ Herb Koguchi ]