Thursday, September 1, 2011

St. Bernard contracts with American Education Specialist

More than 100 parents and students are taking advantage of a new college admissions service being offered to members of the junior and senior classes at St. Bernard Prep School. One of the primary goals of the new service is to assist students in finding the college and curriculum that matches their talents, abilities and interests.

Representatives from American Education Specialist International met on the St. Bernard campus with parents and students on Tuesday, August 30th. St. Bernard chose AESI because its consultants are experienced school leaders and advisors who are able to give schools and families the critical information they need to tailor a program for students who are seeking college admission.

Headmaster, Fr. Joel Martin said, “Technology has changed the way things are done. AESI is offering each junior and senior in our program, an opportunity to receive assistance in the whole process of their college search. Students will work one on one with representatives to prioritize what they are looking for in a college. A web management system has been put in place to help meet deadlines and to make sure students are on their way to getting things done in a timely manner."

Bill Shelnutt, the executive director of AESI, was among those who made presentations to the participants in attendance. He indicated that high grades and SAT/ACT scores are not enough to gain acceptance into the college or university of choice anymore. Colleges and universities want students that are the “best match” for their admission profiles. AESI consultants provide schools and individual families with valuable insight into a student’s strengths, interests, personality and education goals. It also assists students by developing a strategy and a roadmap for college acceptance. “We help students find their ‘best match’ school,” said Shelnutt.

Guidance Counselor Mary Mayo said it was a very informative program with a lot of good information. “If the students will put it to use, it will be of great benefit to them.”

Saint Bernard is known for its outstanding academics and scholarship awards. President Fr. Marcus Voss said, “We are offering this program to our students so they can expand their opportunities when applying to college. In making this college advisement service available, our hope is that our graduates will have even more options available to them when it comes to selecting the college of their choice.”

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