Wednesday, October 19, 2011

St. Bernard Band entertains students at St. Ann’s in Decatur

Playing music ranging from Journey and Lady Gaga to “When the Saints go marching in”, students at St. Ann’s School in Decatur were treated to musical selections performed by the St. Bernard Jazz Band of Cullman. After the band’s performance before the entire student body, a program about St. Bernard Prep School was presented to the eighth grade students of St. Ann’s.

Dr. Donna Bryant, Admissions Director, told students of the uniqueness of St. Bernard and invited a couple of St. Bernard Ambassadors to share their St. Bernard experiences. Along with these students, Br. Thomas Jones, O.S.B., a member of St. Bernard Abbey, shared the history of St. Bernard and its founding.

John Schneider, who graduated from St. Ann’s School and is now a senior at St. Bernard, told the students, “One of the best things about St. Bernard is that it provides opportunities to be a member of many athletic teams as well as clubs. It helps someone develop leadership skills. My favorite club is the Latin Club – we actually participate in chariot races!”

“I play almost all the sports,” Schneider continued. “Anyone who wants to participate in sports has the opportunity. It’s up to the individual and their desire and commitment.”

SBP student, Alex Ginas, encouraged students to visit the campus and discover for themselves its wholesome family environment, and experience first hand what St. Bernard has to offer.

“The campus is beautiful. I like to run the wooded trails to stay fit. The trails are really wide and beautiful and it’s not unusual to see deer,” Ginas said. “I also play the trumpet in the band and enjoy it very much because there’s no dull and boring music. The music we play is pretty amazing. We play rock, jazz, and even Lady Gaga.”

Dr. Bryant thanked the students for sharing their comments and further reminded the group that St. Bernard is more than a school. “We are unique. St. Bernard is located at Alabama’s only Benedictine Abbey – St. Bernard Abbey,” Bryant said.

“St. Bernard offers a college prep curriculum which prepares students for college, life and all the things we know are coming,” continued Bryant. “We want to help students plan their path to success. Because St. Bernard is a small school, students have so many opportunities. We understand that students like to do a lot of things, and our goal is to give them the chance to achieve.”

Dr. Bryant concluded by saying, “St. Bernard is located on 800 acres with a lake in the center. The environment lends itself not only to learning, but having a faith and spirituality that will help a person grow and mature.”

Saint Bernard Prep School provides bus service to St. Ann’s School on a daily basis. Families are offered the options of commuting daily or residing on the historical campus of St. Bernard. For more information about St. Bernard Prep, visit the SBP website at or facebook – The campus is located at 1600 St. Bernard Drive, SE in Cullman, Alabama adjacent to the world famous Ave Maria Grotto.

St. Bernard will host Open House on Sunday, November 6. Anyone interested in attending the Open House should contact the school at (256)739-6682.

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