Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saint Bernard Prep Renovates Middle School and Welcomes New Faculty


Saint Bernard Middle School Principal, William Calvert, was all smiles this summer as he watched the improvements being made to Founders’ Hall.  Several years ago, the upper level of the facility was renovated to house the Middle School.  However, window replacement was postponed due to budget constraints.  In June of this year, alumni and supporters of St. Bernard were contacted through the Summer Appeal, asking for their assistance in replacing the single-pane windows of the school.

Through their generous support, St. Bernard alumni and friends answered the call, and funds were raised to make the much-needed capital improvements.   Workers completed the window project by removing the remaining single-pane windows in Founders’ Hall and replacing them with environmentally-rated, double-pane windows.  School officials expect these new windows will result in a significant reduction in the utility usage for Founders’ Hall.  

In addition to the new windows, instructional areas were expanded.  “We have added more classroom space to the building, and improved traffic flow throughout the Founders’ Hall facility.  A passageway to the Northeast corner of the building has been opened allowing students to walk inside the building without weathering the elements,” Calvert said. 

The basement was renovated by adding new walls, science lab stations, a restroom, and an additional classroom.  In addition, the Middle School has access to a new mobile wireless lab, which includes 18 fully-loaded laptops and a secured cart with recharging capabilities.  Calvert said, “This lab enables students to do research, student projects, and word processing without having to cross campus to the high school.”  

John Tekulve, Saint Bernard Headmaster, welcomes two new faculty to the staff.  With the addition of new faculty member, Shelley Perry, the school has updated another classroom with a state-of-the-art smart board and document scanner.  Miriam Stella, a graduate of SBP, joins the faculty to teach math at the Middle School as well as Algebra I at the Middle and High School. 

Fr. Joel Martin, President of St. Bernard Prep, is pleased with the outpouring of support to assist students in their academic years at St. Bernard.  “As out enrollment grows, I am delighted that we have the support which enables us to enhance the educational program at St. Bernard.”

“Our supporters have been generous in helping us achieve our goals at St. Bernard,” said Fr. Joel.  “For this we are truly thankful.”

For more information about St. Bernard Prep visit www.stbernardprep.com or like them on facebook  www.facebook.com/stbernardprep.

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