Monday, December 16, 2013

Middle School student receives first communion

What for most Catholics happens around the second grade happened for an eighth grader at St. Bernard Prep.  Blake Burman made his First Confession and received his  First Holy Communion recently at St. Bernard Abbey Church with the assistance of his religion instructor,  Miss Martha Ann Warnke, and School President, Fr. Joel Martin, OSB.  

Burman approached Miss Warnke this past August about the possibility of receiving his First Communion in the Church.  Miss Warnke immediately contacted Fr. Joel to put the wheels in motion to grant his request.    

“Blake was baptized in California, but his family’s frequent moves made preparing for the sacraments very difficult,” Miss Warnke said.   

Miss Warnke gave him information to study in August and prepared him for the sacraments.  He made his First Confession on Friday and his First Communion on Monday, December 16, with his two sisters, grandmother, and parents in attendance.  

Fr. Joel Martin, President of St. Bernard Prep, celebrated the Mass.  Fr. Joel said St. Bernard strives to assist students in their desire for truth and goodness, which is exactly what Blake has asked to do.

“Blake is an outstanding young man who has taken it upon himself to seek out the important things,” Fr. Joel said, “He has been persistent in his desire to know and love God more completely and to receive the power of God in his life.”

In his homily at the Advent Mass, Fr. Joel stated, “In this season of Advent, light increases as we near Christmas and the coming of Christ.  Blake shows us that light by saying ‘yes’ to God, and he teaches us to do the same.”

Blake is the son of Bill and Mary Burman of Arab, Alabama.

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