Tuesday, April 29, 2014

St. Bernard monk completes second master’s degree

Br. Linus Klucsarits, a monk at St. Bernard Abbey, recently earned his second master’s degree, graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham on April 26, 2014 with a Master of Arts Degree in Education, his area of study being Teaching English as a Second Language.

A product of Catholic elementary and high schools, schools, Br. Linus attended St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he earned a B.A. in Philosophy.  He is also obtained his MA in Sign Language Interpreting from Gallaudet University. 

The forty-eight year old monk came to St. Bernard in 2011 and professed his first vows on January 6, 2012.  His days have been filled with his responsibilities teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to St. Bernard Prep international students, as well as graduate studies and the usual chores in the monastery.

About his accomplishment, earning the M.A. in ESL, Br. Linus said, “It was hard work, well worth it, and I learned a lot.”

Now theological studies in preparation for ordination to the priesthood are next on the horizon.  Looking forward, Br. Linus said, “Abbot Cletus Meagher is in the process of deciding where to send me for studies.  We have narrowed it down to three options; I should know soon and will leave for studies at the end of the summer.”

Br. Linus is expected to make final vows in January of 2015.

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