Wednesday, May 7, 2014

St. Bernard’s Ayers signs with Samford


For many high school athletes sports activity ceases at graduation.  But when Logan Ayers of Cullman, says goodbye to St. Bernard Prep a new chapter in her life begins as she begins her career at Samford  University in Birmingham, and joins the Bulldogs Track and Field Team.
With a gleaming smile, Logan said, “Samford just seems to be a perfect fit.  After six years at our small, family-like St. Bernard Prep and visiting several college campuses, I fell in love with the people and the campus at Samford.”
Since coming to St. Bernard as a seventh grade student, Logan has consistently ranked second in her class.    However, it was during  her freshman year when Middle School headmaster and track coach, William Calvert watched Mrs. Ruth Anne Knight’s Physical Education Class performing the one-mile run for the Presidential Physical Fitness test.  “I was watching from the window, and this tiny little girl caught my eye, she was so far ahead of the other girls, I thought that girls got talent.” Calvert said.    He remembers walking to the gym to ask Knight about Logan’s time and then approaching Logan to try out for the team.
Logan laughed and accused Coach of tricking her into showing up for practice.  “I showed up and he told me I was going to run two miles.  Since I had no idea of length and time, I took off.  When I finally stopped he informed me that I had run 4.5 miles.”
That one practice was all it took for her to accept the challenge.  Inspired not only by the coach but parents as well, Logan was out to prove to her dad how fast she was capable of running.
During her several years of hard work and  dedication on the running trails at St. Bernard Logan has many accomplishments.  She leaves SBP as the holder of seven different school records in track and field as well as earning All-State honors seven times at the 1A State Meet from 2012-14. She actually qualified for the state meet in eight different events over a 4 year period.  Logan currently holds the Cullman County Cross Country 5k Record for females (18:48) and was named “Cullman Times Runner of the Year” in her sophomore, junior and senior years.   She earned All-State status at the 1A-2A State Cross Country Meet by finishing in the top five in 2011, 2012 and 2013; and led the Lady Saints Cross Country team to consecutive 1A-2A State Runner –Up titles in 2012 and 2013.
Logan says running has been a challenging as well as rewarding sport for her.   Her personal goal-setting approach reaches beyond the lure of athletic accomplishment;  Logan earned an ACT score of 31, and that’s an indication of her dedication to her academic career.
“I find I procrastinate less when in running season,” Ayers said.  “It’s a job to juggle both but it is possible.  You get out what you put in.”
Logan looks forward to the challenges of competing with other outstanding athletes who boast impressive records of their own.    With strong determination, Logan said, “Samford will push me to my very best and I fully intend to compete.”
Logan is the daughter of Lou and Marla Ayers of Cullman. 

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