Monday, August 30, 2010

Coach Tolbert to Move from St. Bernard

St. Bernard Prep School confirmed that Coach James Tolbert will be moving from the private school in order to pursue other career opportunities. The move comes in the wake of the school’s decision to discontinue its football program.

“When I asked Coach Tolbert to join our staff, we were hoping to improve the fortunes of our football program,” said Fr. Marcus Voss, President. “However, we could not muster enough support to form a viable team and have had to discontinue the program for the foreseeable future.”

Coach Tolbert initiated the football in 2001. After being away from the campus for seven years, he returned in 2009 to take the helm again. Despite his leadership, the program was unable to build momentum.

“I wish Coach Tolbert well as he looks to the future,” said Fr. Marcus. “Though we have had to discontinue football, I look forward to the success of our other athletic programs.”

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