Thursday, November 15, 2012

Families impressed at Open House

Fifteen Families from Alabama, Georgia, Florida and China visited St. Bernard during the recent Open House to gain more knowledge about St. Bernard Prep, and to see if it would be a good fit for their children and/or grandchildren.

Students from both the Middle and High School served as ambassadors for the afternoon, and did an outstanding  job of representing their school.

Dr.  Donna Bryant, Admissions Director, said parents were very impressed with the job the students did.  They commented on how friendly, helpful and confident the students were – wonderfully reflecting on their school and themselves.

One out-of-state parent commented that he thought the school would be the best place for his son because of what he had heard and read on the school’s website, but now he feels sure that St. Bernard is where he wants to be.

Some visitors were past alumni and spoke of their fond memories of the school and the quality education they received.  But most importantly they spoke of the impact attending St. Bernard had on their life, their relationships with the monks who taught them, their friendships with their classmates that have stood the test of time, and the values and life-long lessons they learned during their years at St. Bernard as a student.  

“These family members want the same experience for their grandchildren, or nieces or nephews,” Bryant said.

Fr. Joel Martin, President of St. Bernard Prep, recently returned from a trip to China where he was contacted by the family of a young man in Shanghai who is very interested in attending St. Bernard.  A family friend who now lives in Atlanta made the trip to Cullman to see the school on behalf of the young student and his family.  The friend was happy to report back that he was very impressed with what he saw and heard. 

"We know we have a good learning environment at St. Bernard,” Dr. Bryant said.  “When we have families visit our campus, it’s an easy sell.  They experience an atmosphere conducive to learning, and know their children will be known well by their teachers."

 St. Bernard students truly exemplify our mission statement, "St. Bernard is committed to fully engaging students in learning for the whole person –body, mind and spirit.  Corpus-Mens-Spritus."

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