Thursday, November 15, 2012

Middle School hosts food drive

During the month of November, students at St. Bernard Middle School in Cullman are remembering those who are in need.   This holiday season the school has collectively donated enough food to create a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for four to maybe six families.

Martha Ann Warnke, who has spent her life in classroom education, spearheads the food drive and makes the necessary arrangements for the food to be distributed through the St. Vincent dePaul organization at Sacred Heart Church in Cullman.

Each year students are given a list of what it takes to make a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.   Some donate money which is used to purchase turkey, hams, and baking hens.

“We were extremely pleased with our response.  The students and their families were so kind to contribute to the food drive,” Miss Warnke said.

Principal William Calvert said this is a tradition for the Middle School.  “This is a tradition which we have carried since the Middle School was opened.  Miss Warnke does a great job spearheading the project, and of course our students are always ready to lend a helping hand.”

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