Wednesday, November 7, 2012

St. Bernard Cross Country qualifies for State

The Cross Country Team of Coach William Calvert is making history!  Not only are they setting personal records for each of the 18 students—9 girls and 9 boys—they qualified for State Playoffs and captured first place finishes in each division.

During the Class 1A-2A division of the Section 3, Site A at Cold Springs, the Saints girls claimed 6 of the top 11 spots in the race, while the boys claimed 6 of the top 15 spots in their competition, easily leading to first place finishes for both teams and qualifying the teams for State Playoffs in Moulton.

Senior Seamus Russell dominated the boys’ race in the last quarter-mile to break away from teammate Will Faulk, to pull off the upset in the boys 5K, taking 1st place and 2nd place respectively.   Freshman Steven Mami added to the stack by placing 4th.  Junior Oscar Perez placed 7th; eighth grader Isaias Robles placed 12th and Senior Sam Robles rounded out the top 15.

A record First place finish was made by St. Bernard senior Logan Ayers, who narrowly broke a course record by 24 seconds and accomplished her personal best time.  Sophomore Ayleana Mami captured 2nd place, while Jaden Edge, an eighth grade student, grabbed 4th.  Seventh grader Leahrose Mami, along with Senior Caitlin Varquez and eighth grader Morgan Matz, swept up the 9th-11th places.

Coach William Calvert described the day as “awesome,” but said the competition will be extremely tough as the teams will compete against other strong teams from across the state.

“It was an awesome weekend.  However, I have told the team it will be a challenge, and we have to be hungry to win it,” Coach Calvert stressed.

The Saints will compete this Saturday, November 10, for the State 1A-2A Division title with the girls race at 9:30 and the boys race at 10:10 a.m. in Moulton, AL.

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